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"Wind Of Change" Paintings Series

This series of my recent paintings represent the theme of this year "change". Let's be frank - nobody expected 2020 will be such a challenger and game-changer for so many areas of our lives.  Art usually does not stay silent in difficult times but serves as a platform for giving hope and a new perspective. 

That's what this collection does. You can see that also in titles of works - "Hope is Alive", "Perfect Day", "Learning To Fly", "Life. It Won't Give Up", "We Are One" and others.

"Heaven Is Around Us" 70x50cm

"Born At The Right Time" 70x50cm

"Wilderness" 70x60cm

"God Is In The Details" Paintings Series

Looking at the details, we often tend to miss the big picture. That's common. Thus we learn to distance ourselves from all the little things in life just to be able to see the high-level perspective, the big picture. Then suddenly the big picture becomes the only picture. We start to care more about society than families. We care about cathedrals, but not about the people. We fight for climate change but forget about planting trees in front of our house. We want to change the world but forget about ourselves. 

This collection encourages us to pay attention to details. To the small little cogs that move the big thing. If one of them get stuck, the whole structure stops. Thus everything matters. Each of us matter. These are the details that God is within. We are the details that God is within.

"Good People" 50x70cm

"Life. It won't give up" 50x70cm

Curiosity "50x70cm"

"Love Is More Than Nice" Paintings Series

These archetypal energies define the mature masculine. For a man to achieve the ultimate inner strength and energy, he must be in touch with all four - King, Warrior, Priest and Lover. To become a complete man, a man must work to develop all four archetypes. The process is related both to initiation and awareness to a meaning of life. 

This painting series presents three of the four types - King, Priest, Soldier. 

Colours and contrasts in the paintings show the real drama which each man faces through his stages of development. The bright orange notes are close to red, but nor really. The battle within a human being is not about blood and flesh, but rather for ownership, flow, the balance of power and wisdom.

"Priest" 50x70cm

"King" 50x70cm

"Soldier" 50x70cm